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Cellar Conversions

For a number of years now we have been undertaking cellar conversions for a wide variety of clients, resulting in dry, habitable areas suitable for use such as gyms, utility rooms, cinema rooms and bedrooms etc.

All structures that are fully below ground or particularly earth retaining are likely to be subject to some degree of water ingress during their lifetime. During periods of heavy rainfall the ground surrounding the structure becomes saturated with water. The depth of water surrounding the structure creates water pressure relative to the degree of the saturation and the depth of the structure below the ground.  Once the pressure is greater than the resistance of the structure, leakage or flooding occurs.

Cellars are often regarded as unusable space and not used to their full potential.  Our Surveyors are all qualified to CSSW standard and are able to offer advice and provide specifications for undertaking structural waterproofing works in order that conversion to a dry habitable area can be achieved.

The type of waterproofing system to be installed will be dependent on the existing structure and site conditions.  There are various waterproofing systems available and any installation undertaken will require waterproofing to comply with BS8102: 2022 – The Code Of Practice For Protection Of Below Ground Structures Against Water Ingress.

Full consideration is given to guidance, design and good practice as described in BS8102: 2022 – Protection of below ground structures against water ingress, and our Surveyors can offer expert advice when upgrading an existing structure.

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